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Chapter 40 Justice

  • Viola
  • After my talk show, the internet has been buzzing. Some call me a liar others think Emelia is the liar. I sighed at the way some people see the truth but chose to believe lies instead.
  • I was at Mario’s lair, packaging the pictures that I found in Kade’s office. Pictures showing proof of Klyde and Emelia’s involvement in trying to get me killed.
  • Just then the door to the small room I was in was opened abruptly, I quickly hid the pictures in a brown file ad tossed it under the bed. I couldn’t be too trusting of just anyone around here. The only person I trust is Pedro.
  • I got up, pretending that I just wanted to pick up my pen from the floor.
  • “ I don’t think that’s a good position for a pregnant woman to take” I heard a familiar voice say. I looked in the direction the voice came from and there she was – Madame Faustina.
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