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Chapter 34 One of us will survive

  • Viola
  • Kade came back home from work with a slight frown on his face. I heard from Valora that he went to see his father and I suspected that he has gotten wind of our activities last night.
  • I had told him about my discovery that Victoria was a spy for his father and he said he knew about it. It must’ve been her who told his father about us because she was suddenly nowhere to be found.
  • Valora was having her home school lessons while I made dinner for the family as she’d taught me. I served the meal and Kade ate quietly, so did the children. Suddenly he picked up his phone and went to his room upstairs.
  • His father must’ve told him to close his company and continue working for him.
  • After spending time with the children, I went to Kade’s room to tell him goodnight. He was laying on the bed with a system on his thighs as he peered at the screen through his glasses. His hair was damp and he was still in his robe.
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