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Chapter 29 Nightmares

  • Viola
  • Kade’s eyes seethed with rage as he watched the news on the TV. The gist of it was that klade cars have been recording huge losses since Klyde was left in charge. Their sales dropped so low that it gave their father a heart attack and he’s currently being hospitalized.
  • “ Everything I worked for… he just let it become trash,” he said switching off the TV. He ran his hands through his hair and seemed so deep in thought that I was certain that if I left he wouldn’t notice. Besides, I really needed to use the toilet, so I left.
  • I had my bath right after using the toilet and I started wondering if I should go to Kade in the sitting room and if I do, what would I say to him. I thought against going to meet him in the sitting room because he never really liked his father so… he wouldn’t care if I say anything to comfort him.
  • I lay down in my bed and slept but I didn’t sleep for long when Derrick came running into my room.
  • “ Mom!” he yelled and I sprang up from my bed and gripped him, wondering if someone attacked him and his siblings.
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