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Chapter 33 Freedom at last

  • Kade
  • I never knew just how sexy Viola was in bed, she was by far the best woman I’ve ever had but I didn’t say that to her because I didn’t want to think about who the best man she’s ever had could be.
  • If I said that I wasn’t jealous that Klyde enjoyed all of her before me then I would be the world’s biggest liar. What mattered however was that she now loves me and I will be the only man who will occupy her thoughts from now on.
  • I smirked at the thought of that as I sat down in my office the next day. It became a full-blown grin when I remembered how many times we had sex yesterday night. We really have been dying to have each other and we finally lost control yesterday. Damn, she knew how to make my eyes roll up in ecstasy as she sucked me. I was already starting to get rock hard just picturing how hot she looked when she did it last night.
  • “ Shit!” I said and moved to shut my door and I returned to my seat to deal with my arousal. The thing that turned me on the most about her was her beautiful boobs. I kept picturing them bouncing while I thrust into her and barely a minute in I came, breathing heavily as I got up to clean myself up.
  • “ Fuck, this girl is gonna be the end of me,” I said when I was all cleaned up and sat to look through the files on my desk.
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