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Chapter 12 Heartache

  • Kade
  • I was enraged and about to beat the shit out of Klyde when Elizabeth stopped us both. I turned to glare at her but I noticed my mother standing there with three little children and they got so frightened that they hid behind her.
  • Shit! They were Klyde and Viola's kids. Klyde surprisingly had brain cells at that moment to let go of me and we both sat down and acted cool. Though I was boiling with anger, rage, pain and mostly Heartache. Especially when I saw the children, the boys were the spitting image of Klyde, same black hair and blue eyes and the girl looked so much like Viola.
  • As much as I wanted to show them love and be a good uncle, I couldn't control the way I was hurting when I saw them. They were living proof of Viola's betrayal - and it wasn't their fault but it didn't make me feel good at all.
  • " Everyone! This is Derrick- he's the oldest, then we have Damien - the second child and this is Danielle but she prefers Dani and she hates being called the baby of them all" my mother said and we all looked at the children. Elizabeth was whipped for them already, Klyde seemed dazed that he really did have children for whom he would have to feign good behavior and Viola seemed to be battling with tears.
  • " Nice to meet you," they all said in unison and I let out a deep breath.
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