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Chapter 36 An assault

  • Viola
  • I couldn’t breathe. I felt so filthy and disgusted with myself after what Klyde did to me. If he’d done it once it wouldn’t have been as bad but he came to where he’d locked me up every morning and night and he took me against my will.
  • I pleaded every time but he wouldn’t listen. “ I’ll make sure Kade sees you and finds you repulsive by the time I’m through with you,” he’d said.
  • I was traumatized because when I looked at his face I also saw Klyde’s face. I couldn’t help but feel like I wouldn’t be able to see Klyde the same way and he wouldn’t be able to see me the same way either.
  • When he was done with me, he knocked me out and the next place I found myself was in a car. I wasn’t very much aware of things but I was conscious enough to know when I was being carried out of the car.
  • I saw that I was in Kade’s house and I saw his face but my vision was a bit blurry. For a second, I thought it was Klyde but his eyes told me otherwise.
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