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Chapter 32 Mind blowing what?

  • Viola
  • Sleeping with Kade was the last thing that should be going through my mind but I just couldn’t take the thought of my mind. I knew what this would cost him but the throbbing desire I was feeling in my core was something I fear I wouldn’t be able to tame.
  • Kade himself was being reckless, he took off my gown while my arms were still tightly wrapped around his neck as we kissed, my nipples hardened when he broke the kiss and took one of my breasts in his mouth.
  • “ Oh..” I said breathily as I ran my hands through my hair and bit my lips as I watched him suck on my nipples softly. He sure loved my breasts and I was getting so wet just thinking what wonders his mouth could do if he graced my core.
  • “ Kade…” I gasped when his hands rubbed my center, his lips still not leaving my breasts. I wasn’t prepared for it when he slid a finger inside me, it’s been a while since anyone did that to me.
  • My back arched as a reflex at the pleasure his finger gave me.
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