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Chapter 25 Never happen again

  • Kade
  • Fuck she was perfect, I really wanted her to do what I thought she was about to but I knew that the second her lips touch my crotch time itself would not be able to stop me from being inside of her. And what was that she said about wanting to erase Klyde from my mind.
  • She must’ve known that I stopped kissing her because I thought to myself, “ Klyde has already done all this to her,” and I suddenly got disgusted. But the look in her eyes when she said she’d eliminate him from my mind was so fucking sexy that I forgot all about Klyde and moaned when she held my hardened cock in her hands.
  • Two things were certain to me; I would enjoy this a little more than I’m willing to admit, two – I’d really regret this when we’re done.
  • She kissed the tip of my cock and I latched my hand in her hair, ready for the immense pleasure that would come but Elizabeth barged in the room. Her eyes widened in shock before she quickly shut the door and glared at me and Viola.
  • “ What in fucks name are you two doing?” she said in a whisper but still I felt it was loud. I quickly tossed the sheets over myself and Viola. She slithered close to me and we both stared at Elizabeth, embarrassment washing all over me as she looked at both of us.
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