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Chapter 8 So in love with her

  • Kade
  • I was in the lounge, along with my uncles, aunts and cousins as we waited for my father so we all could go on this hopeless train-wreck of a family vacation. What is he even thinking anyway? That this will turn out peaceful?
  • Half of these people want his wealth and since I could remember he never let us speak with them. He never even let them enter any of our houses before so this was definitely strange to me, that was why I isolated myself and sat far away from them while drinking a glass of wine.
  • Immediately Klyde entered the lounge, I heard loud laughter soon after. He was talking to our cousin - Nicholas and Bart Jr and they were so invested in whatever bullshit joke he was telling that I looked away in disgust at how dumb they were to think Klyde gave a damn about them.
  • It was obvious something serious would go down today and Klyde was trying to get the favour of the rest of the family - like the desperate man he is. He didn't even like making cars so I couldn't understand why he was so desperate to head the company alone.
  • This same thing happened with my father and Uncle Bart senior, but my uncle got outvoted by the rest of the family because he was "too softhearted" to carry on with the family business. In my opinion, Uncle Bart was not the loser the family try so desperately to portray him as. Instead he's a hero, he gave up everything to be a better dad to Nicholas and Bart Jr and that to me was a smart move - unlike our father that did everything to win his brother and dumped us with our mother.
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