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Chapter 6 Where is everyone?

  • Viola
  • I couldn't do it, I couldn't just get myself to get down from the car and I knew that I would soon be told to do so but seeing this house brought back memories that hit harder than a rock. My eyes had been shut the moment I was driven into the Harold's mansion and it was because I used to come here whenever Klyde wanted me to. We would have sex for hours and then I'd sneak out without even saying a word to Kade about me being at his house. Then when I got pregnant I remember standing in front of Emelia in her office that evening as she dictated how my life would be in exchange for millions of dollars offered to my dad.
  • " Miss Walden, we've arrived." The driver said to me then I sighed and opened my eyes, there it was, The Harold Mansion. It looked exactly the same, white and surrounded by beautiful flowers that were pruned and watered regularly by Madame Faustina. The lawn was Mr Joe's business and the cars in the garage were as many as could satisfy the insatiable desires of the Harolds.
  • I sighed and got down from the car, " This way miss Walden," said a man I had seen coming from the entrance of the mansion. He was dressed in a suit like the rest of the Harold family' s body gaurds stationed at strategic parts of the building.
  • As we got inside, the first thing I noticed was how the the walls were now a very light shade of teal and the air inside was chillier. These people were obsessed with cold and I absolutely hated it. Back then I would turn on the heater in Kade's room whenever I visited and Kade would get so uncomfortable but he never admitted it. He loved me too much to care about the temperature at that moment. But I wouldn't be getting any of that special treatment from anyone if I dared mess with the heater or anything at all at this house.
  • " Hello Miss Walden, I'm Victoria and I'll be helping you out with whatever you need." Said a young red head, she looked like she was in her early twenties and she had a very kind smile. I wondered how much they were paying her to do this job because she was subtly saying she was my maid and I found that extremely upsetting because I didn't want to be "served" and also because the maids of the Harolds were utterly evil to outsiders aand Victoria was definitely not going to be different
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