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Chapter 31 Everything but her

  • Kade
  • It’s been five hours since Viola left to get Nina from the airport. I tried calling her phone but it was switched off. I sighed after gulping a little red wine, suspecting that she and her friend went to have fun or something, but she should’ve told me first before leaving.
  • I groaned when Pedro knocked on my door and entered my room. Her eyes looked slightly scared, that was strange. He’s delivered some unpleasant news to me before and he never looked afraid to tell me because he knew I could take it so, what’s with him now?
  • “ Pedro, what’s wrong?” I asked but he looked away from me as he said, “ it’s all over the news sir, have you not seen it?”
  • “ You’re calling me Sir now? This must be really bad. Did Klyde…die?” I asked, twirling my wine with a little too much excitement to hear confirmation to my suspicion but he just avoided eye contact with me, and then he turned on the TV in my room.
  • I heard the sound of my wine glass shattering because I was dumbfounded when I saw Viola being brought out of one of our cars, the number of bullet holes that I saw on the car was just too much to comprehend.
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