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Chapter 38

  • He moved aside and lay beside me, we both were breathing hard and staring at the ceiling, I never in my life thought sex could be this awesome, I heard about it from my friends but never experienced it myself and now, I understood what it is. I turned my head and glanced at him, his chest was rising up and down, I watched him bite his lower lip while he turned his head and looked at me.
  • He smiled while pushing a strand of my hair back, I stared at his beautiful eyes and I don’t know what happened to me, I could not explain this desire that filled me when I saw his inviting lips and body. Nothing could explain this feeling between my legs and the desire of my naked body when I feel his heat beside me. I know if I let my body dance in this sinful play with him, there’s no going back.
  • He took my face in his hands and claimed my lips, kissing me slowly and passionately, the desire to have him deep inside me woke up and I found myself climbing on him, kissing him like a horny woman. He flipped me over and climbed on me while pinning my hands over my head, he bit my lower lip harshly, “Ah!” I hissed while opening my mouth and his tongue rushed inside invading every corner of my mouth.
  • His other hand began roaming over my body and pressing my breasts, teasing my nipples, his hot mouth moved to my neck and began placing hot wet kisses all over my neck, making me moan out loud, “Apollo,” I moaned, his hand moved dangerously slow towards my pussy, his wet kisses trailed down to my breasts. He gripped my right breast and took it into his mouth, his tongue rolled over my nipple and bit it hard, “Oh,” I moaned, he removed my hands from his stronghold and moved his hand towards my pussy and gripped it while his finger began playing with my clit.
  • He moved to my other breast and his long finger slowly moved inside my wet pussy, “Oh my!” I moaned, his long finger began moving in and out while his other finger continued playing with my clit as I began panting,
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