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Chapter 37

  • Clarissa’s POV:- 
  • “Dominant?” I whispered, staring into his eyes while many thoughts ran in my head, is he going to make me his submissive? Was the first question rushed to my mind. I know about this relationship but it never took my interest, I know nothing about this, I just know that a dominant wants his woman to be submissive to him. He wants her to submit herself to him, and that’s it, I only know that much and nothing more. 
  • “Are you? Cyrus?” I asked with my heart beating louder than ever, I was scared of the answer,  I don't know what I should do if he’s Cyrus. 
  • “No, Apollo” He replied, I released the breath I was holding all this time, Thank god! Thank god he’s not Cyrus… but when I realised what had just happened made me snap my eyes at him. 
  • Did I just make his personality switch, I made Cyrus go away! I was so happy that I began smiling like a teenage girl, Apollo was just staring at me in confusion, of course, he would be, because he just said that he’s into BDSM and I’m here smiling like a lovesick girl. 
  • “Why are you smiling like that?” he asked while smiling back at me, 
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