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Chapter 46

  • Clarissa’s Pov:- 
  • I swallowed visibly while debating what to ask him, I know nothing about Shade, I’m confused but I had been researching about this as I had to handle Apollo while staying here. I had read how to behave with a person with MPD, I made myself remember it. 
  • “I-I want to talk to Apollo? Please let me!” I asked with a smile, My heart was beating rapidly while I felt tensed and nervous about him. I noticed the way his eyes moved to my face to my body which made me self-conscious, 
  • “You’re Clarissa?” he asked, I noticed that his accent was different, the way he said my name sounded different. I nodded my head in response and maintained the smile. 
  • “I have 'eard a lot about you, Nice meeteng you,” he said while extending his hand towards me.  I forced a smile and took his hand, he has an Irish accent.
  • “You too,” I replied, 
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