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Chapter 19

  • My heart is pounding in my chest, I was frozen in the spot, I gulped while I was so scared for my life, he was staring right at me without blinking his eyes, the look on his face clearly says that he’s angry.  
  • His words were ringing in my mind over and over again, I was staring at him with fear of what he might do now! “Did you really think you can just walk inside by those stupid things you said to my guards,” he said while stepping towards me, I looked at his face in confusion, “I know you were following me,” he gritted his teeth and I noticed his clenching jaw, he looks scary. 
  • “Face the consequence for it,” he said while grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the room, 
  • “Mr.Villin, please leave me,” I cried as he pulled me with him, The adrenaline floods my system like it's on an intravenous drip - right into my blood at full pelt. I think my heart will explode and my eyes are wide, letting in every ounce of the fading light. My body is reacting like there's a gorilla about to beat the crap out of me, we climbed down the stairs which were at the corner of the floor. 
  • They were leading to some underground room, he was pulling me with him while walking through a tunnel-like thing. The tunnel curled away coldly into the infinite dark, the light that showed the rough walls dwindling as it snaked away. The lights flicker, casting an ominous glow throughout the tunnel, causing shivers to ripple across my body. 
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