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Chapter 9 Lydia?

  • I glanced at Lillian and saw her looking at me with a terrified expression on her face, my eyes moved to Mr.Villin who was staring at me with confusion. He walked towards me and grabbed the card from my hand, I watched him read it calmly and collectively which made my thoughts rush to my head again. How can someone be this calm while reading a death threat from rivalry person?  I glanced at Lillian, who was watching Mr Villin with the same expression she had before, “Where is Lydia?” Mr.Villin asked looking at Lillian,
  • “I don’t know, sir, she’s not in her office!” she said, looking at him, worry for Lydia was evident in her eyes.
  • “Call her,” he said while turning back and walking out of my office, I turned my head towards Lillian who was dialling Lydia’s number in her phone. I watched her move the phone to her ears, tension began spreading all over my body while I patiently waited for Lillian to say something and Lydia to answer the call. I signalled her to put it on speaker, she nodded her head and put that on the speaker. We two waited patiently occasionally glancing at each other while listening to Lydia’s caller tune.
  • “Hello!” Lydia’s voice came through the phone and her voice wasn’t clear,
  • “Hello! Hello Lydia?” Lillian answered, glancing at me while I was releasing the breath I was holding on,
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