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Chapter 28

  • I was staring at him, shocked as the realization hit me, it was him with whom I lost my virginity that night. His blue orbs were staring at me with a blank expression on his face. I tried to wiggle out of his hold; he stared at me while trying hard to get my hands out of his grip. Suddenly he released my hands making them fall to my sides, I moved my hands over my chest. I looked up at him while rubbing the bruise which formed because of his tight grip over my wrist. It was hurting badly, I could not make out words, I was opening my mouth and closing it like a fish, not knowing what to say. I was angry, disappointed, and glad it was him; I can’t deny the attraction, but I never thought I would lose it in my drunken state.
  • “You…” I whispered as tears began rolling in my eyes before I could complete the sentence. He shoved me to the wall claiming my lips like a hungry wolf while knocking off the air. I placed my hands on his chest and tried to push him away but he didn’t bulge at all, tears began falling from my eyes as he bit my lower lip harshly while his hand wrapped around my waist was making my body attached to his like a second skin.
  • I guess he felt my tears because he stopped kissing me and moved back while pushing a strand of my hair from my face, he stared at my face for a brief second before taking a step, I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheek silently, his eyes meet mine and I noticed hurt in his eyes. I quietly watched him walk away from the room while slamming the door shut and leaving me alone in the room.
  • I slipped down while a sob escaped from my mouth,  I moved my legs to my chest while wrapping my arms around, I laid my head on my hands and cried out.
  • “Why?” I whispered,
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