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Chapter 41

  • LYDIA’S POV:- 
  • Please leave for christ sake, I mumbled as I watched Simon search for me. Because of the darkness around, I had an opportunity to hide but the way he was searching for me made it hard for me to hide. 
  • I watched him push his blond hair back with his fingers in frustration, he kicked a rock in front of him in anger and turned around. I desperately waited for him to leave while placing my hands over my mouth. I peeped out and saw him walk back to his car, he opened his car door and stepped inside and drove away in anger. 
  • I released a breath I was holding and slowly got up and looked around me, there was no one here, other than me. I swallowed hard while tears rolled in my eyes, how will I go back! I asked myself as I walked towards the road. 
  • I walked through the way we came from London, it was dark and I was all alone, my body was shivering while a cold breeze hit my body. I wrapped my hands over my chest and began rubbing my shoulders. 
  • Tears ran down my cheek while the memories I had with Simon flashed in front of my eyes, those were bitter memories which only make me sore inside If I remember them. The torture and his abuse broke me completely, it took years for me to get over it and move on. 
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