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Chapter 25

  • LYDIA’S POV: -
  • “I think we shouldn’t go like this; we should wait for her!” I said while stopping and pulling my hand out of his hold, He sighed and turned around, “Listen to me Lydia, we have to let them be alone, believe me! It’s best for them, “he said looking down at me,
  • “How can I let her be alone with him, He killed someone in front of her and wh... what if he does something to her!” I yelled while tears rolled in my eyes, He took my face in his while bending a bit and looking straight into my eyes,
  • “I know we just met a few hours back but Trust me, He’s my brother and I know him very well,” he said with his deep voice and thick British accent. This family has a thing with their accent and voice for sure.
  • I stared at his beautiful eyes and sensed the worry he has for his brother in his eyes and I found myself nodding my head at his words,
  • “Thank you, I promise I won’t let anything happen to Clarissa, she’ll be back to you, fit and fine,” he said with a small smile, He took my hand in his hand and took me out of the house.
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