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Chapter 7 Card

  • I blinked twice but the words on the card were still on it, I glanced at Lydia, she was staring at me with confusion on her face,
  • “Are you okay?” she asked with a concerned look, I didn’t answer her as I was still staring at the card flipping it over and over again while my mind was filled with dangerous thoughts and questions, all of the sudden Lydia took that card off my hands, 
  • “What is this?” she asked while taking it from me, she glanced at me while reading the letters on the card. I watched her eyes widening and looking around for the man, “Truth can’t be hidden” she whispered reading out the words written on the card. 
  • We walked back to our office with confusion and tension written on our faces, a lot of things were running in my mind like who is this guy? and why did he leave us this card? Did he intentionally left it or it just slipped from his pocket? Can it be a coincidence? 
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