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Chapter 36

  • Clarissa POV:-
  • We both walked inside, Romulus closed the door and walked behind me, my heart was beating hard and nervousness was making my legs shiver. While I was walking in the living room, I found Apollo sitting on the sofa with his right leg over his left and was checking his phone.
  • I looked back at Romulus and walked towards Apollo nervously, “Apollo!” I called him, he looked up at me and smiled when he saw me, he kept his phone on the couch and pulled me towards him and I landed on his lap. He pushed the strands of my hair to my ear with his long fingers which made me blush, “You wanted to talk?” he said looking at me like I was a delicate doll.
  • I glanced at Romulus and looked back at him, “Ma…Mathew had been in hospital today…” I could see Apollo staring at me calmly while I began talking, it made me more anxious, “… and Do-doctor said he needs rest… and…also said…he needs to be surrounded by his… his family… for him… to… to recover faster…” I said, he placed his hand under my chin and pushed my face up and my eyes automatically stared into his, “Don’t be scared,” he whispered looking into my eyes and stroking my cheek with his thumb, the compact of his skin always had aroused strange feelings and I don’t understand why I feel this way when I shouldn’t.
  • “Your mother wants you to attend the family dinner for the sake of your father…” I said staring into his eyes, “… and I think you should go… put aside the problems you have with your parents and…” I said and slowly moved my hand towards his face and placed my hand over his cheek, “just be there… “ he stared at my face and didn’t say anything for a while. By passing second, I was growing anxious as I waited for him to say something.
  • I gulped hard when I noticed him taking a slow, deep breath and I could feel his chest rising and down, I looked back at Romulus tensed and scared, “A-Apollo” I whispered, while touching his cheek, he jerked back as some disgusting thing touched him, he didn’t open his eyes and the way he jerked made tears rush to my eyes. The lump formed in my throat and My lips quivered while I glanced at my hand and his face, “don’t-touch-me!” he said while gritting his teeth and the way he said, it broke my heart.
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