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Chapter 8 Card 2

  • I tried to calm myself down but I couldn’t,  I didn’t understand what to do as I placed my hand on my chest. I licked my dry lips as I peeked over the window to see whether he was still there and I noticed his car was still there which made my heart race even more, “Calm down!” I said to myself as I tried to take a deep breath in my mouth and control myself. I turned around and searched for my cell phone, but I don’t see it anywhere in my room.
  • “Calm down, You need to calm down!” I tried to control my unstable breathing and my shaking body, I looked around and still nothing I found which could be helpful to me. I glanced at my bed and noticed my bag under the blanket, I immediately walked towards it and pulled the blanket off and took my phone from my handbag. He was the same person who left the card in the cafe for us. 
  • With my shaking hands, I dialled Lydia’s number and was about to call her but I stopped myself. What am I doing? She might be sleeping right now. This is not a good idea, telling her will not solve this problem. 
  • I stepped towards the window with my phone in my hands while controlling myself not to panic, I peeped through the window and didn’t find the car anymore in its previous place. It confused me, where did it go? The question popped into my mind as I looked around to see whether it’s somewhere. I released my breath when I didn’t find it anywhere, “Maybe he left!” I mumbled as I turned around and walked towards my bathroom. I took a shower and changed my clothes to my pajamas, I combed my hair and walked downstairs. 
  • While I walked downstairs, I noticed my mom smiling while looking at her phone in her hands, I watched her as she began typing something on her phone while smiling warmly. I walked down the stairs quietly while watching her type something while a sudden blush appeared on her face. It is rare to see her like this after what my father years back and somehow her reaction has raised hope. Hope that she might find love again and move on with her life without any worries!
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