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Chapter 44

  • “Is it…” I shuddered, I was shocked and words weren’t coming out of my mouth, my mind wasn’t taking the information in. 
  • “Yes, what you’re thinking is right!” he replied, 
  • “Wh..what!” I whispered while biting my lower lip and placing my palm over my face, 
  • “Don’t worry, Apollo ended it and he’s no more in touch with her,” he continued, but his words didn’t ease my doubts nor this feeling I had in my chest. 
  • What is this feeling! Am I hurt? Or is it something else? 
  • Sensing my silence Romulus spoke up, “Clarissa! You must talk to Apollo about that but… I have to warn you! This topic is a bit sensitive to him and he can get upset about it… you need to choose your words very carefully if you want to talk to him about Juliette,” he said and I could concern in his voice, 
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