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Chapter 48

  • “Yes, they both share everything with each other, Cyrus gets triggered when we talk about something related to Mathew with Apollo or about his grandmother and his mother… However Only Apollo has the right to decide to let Cyrus have the light… Apollo can’t torture someone because Apollo is not that kind of a guy but Cyrus can do that, so he lets Cyrus do that for him… you may think that Cyrus is the mastermind but... you are wrong, The real mastermind is Apollo! Not Cyrus!” he said, that’s when the realization hit me. 
  • Apollo had been planning everything all along and I thought it was Cyrus, the woman he killed that day… Apollo planned it but Cyrus killed her? Oh my god!
  • “Things changed when Shade appeared…” he said with a sad expression on his face, 
  • “Shade... he appeared when Juliette began to sexually abuse Apollo, Cyrus couldn’t help in this case… he was desperate to save Apollo from this but he failed… and that’s when Shade appeared, he’s different from Cyrus if you think Cyrus is cruel then you must meet Shade… he’s evil,” he said, my body shuddered at the thought of it. 
  • “Unlike Cyrus, Shade was dominant and creepy, he does what he likes and grabs the light whenever he wants… he never shares his thoughts with Apollo but Apollo remembers what Shade does and he can’t control Shade… in Shade’s defence, he says he’s saving Apollo from that woman's shit!” he said and chuckled at the last part. 
  • “Shade thinks that every woman is evil and he doesn’t want Apollo to get hurt and I think that’s why he attacked you!” he said, I gulped and felt sorry for Apollo. He suffered a lot. 
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