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Chapter 60 Secret Weapon

  • ~~~ Allaya ~~~
  • My heart is starting to beat erratically, as if the poor organ just now registered the gravity of this situation. Though I was brave and felt in control until moments ago, right now I am on the brink of a meltdown.
  • Hayden caught up with the change inside me, he wrapped me in a tight hug. I snuggled in his embrace, taking in his scent like a drowning person in search for oxygen. 
  • “I would never let something happen to you or any member of your family. In fact, I will protect everybody!” He declares, his voice laced with determination.
  • I take a deep breath. “Neither do I! Let’s go!” I add, confidence running again in my veins.
  • My entire body becomes alert of Morrigan’s shady vibe the moment we enter the ceremony room, he is ogling me from head to toe with an ardent glint in his eyes. I have to admit, this man gives me the creeps. 
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