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Chapter 55 Evil Side

  • ~~~ Allaya ~~~
  • In everyone’s life there’s at least one moment when everything goes down the drain. A moment when you see red in front of your eyes, your world crumbles and you snap, going batshit crazy. 
  • My heart dropped from my chest, the excruciating pain growing unbearable. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I held in my hand the lifeless head of Alexis, my best friend and roommate, an innocent that never wronged anyone. 
  • Her beautiful jade color eyes have lost their shine, blood is scattered on her curly hair, dirt covers her pretty face. 
  • She had a family that probably doesn’t know what happened to her. She had dreams and plans and real love to experience. 
  • Alexis was kind, caring and selfless, she didn’t deserve this. 
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