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Chapter 47 Heat

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • From the stories I have heard, when a werewolf female goes into heat, the sexual longing that takes over her body is something unearthly, the rampant urge that rushes through her veins all the way to her core releasing waves of arousal has the power to strike down her mate, to shake him as an earthquake would, to make him lose his fucking mind and any sense of self command over his own fucking body.
  • Neither one of the male or female would be able to control themselves around each other until the heat reduces, a mating process that could take days, a process in which the male would have to bury his seed deep inside the female over and over again, not until every ounce of his energy is completely drained, but until the female’s needs are completely satisfied.
  • My mate is not just a werewolf, she’s a hybrid, part vampire, part wolf, that must explain why those stories I’ve heard did not cover half of what I am feeling right now.
  • The sexual driving force that radiates from Allaya executes a compelling force over my body, any sort of sane thought has abandoned my mind, if I don’t make love to her soon, I’ll literally die.
  • “We need ice to cool down her body, lower her fever!” Xander demands interrupting my inner battle.
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