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Chapter 16 The Torment

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • Ever since the moment she left the hidden chamber and headed to the secret part of the castle, I could not think of anything else besides her safety, I could not eat or sleep, I was unable to fucking breathe normally. I cared for nothing that was not related to her well-being.
  • But the moment the word that she is my mate will spread around, she will not be free from danger. In fact, she will be vulnerable to the death traps set by the Council for there is one rule that every magical creature is bound to abide by, that rule that forbids mating outside your species.
  • It’s fucking obvious that I’ll never give up my mate because a fucking rule says so, I would rather cut my limbs than concede defeat before putting up a good fight.
  • I thought not, but I too need some rest after the two crazy days, my emotions were on overdrive.
  • ‘This is far from being over, but at least for now she is under our protection.’ Maddox declares, and I sense his relief. It might be momentarily, but it works for now.
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