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Chapter 18 Vampire

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • The very minute the door opened and I saw the bloody vampire, my heart started racing at an accelerated rate, I could feel the fucking organ threatening to escape my chest, but not for the reason one might think.
  • There is no chance in a million that I would be scared of a fucking vampire.
  • In fact, a single vampire can hardly be a match for me and my father, although Gabriel is one of the most powerful of his kind, one of the originals or what they call the first vampires, one that by all means should not be underestimated.
  • No, I was instead fucking terrified that some harm would come to my mate for we were not yet prepared for a war. I don’t think that we would ever be and nobody inclines towards one, it should be avoided at all cost, that’s why I needed more time in order to prepare a strategy.
  • ‘You know why he is here. I can handle him!’ My wolf snarls inside, demanding to take the lead.
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