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Chapter 50 Out For Blood

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • “Baby, what is happening to you?” I gently pull her into my arms, her face is pale and she is mildly convulsing.
  • I hold her close to my chest, shock and panic are eating me alive. One minute ago, she was feeling fine, and then she passed out, all of a sudden.
  • Was there something wrong with the fruits? I ate as well and there was no harm to my body. None other than sensing her troubles through the mate bond.
  • I place a pillow underneath her head and bolt out the door, trying every room, until I reach Gabriel. I didn’t want to leave her alone, but he might know what affected her, he might have a solution.
  • “Allaya, something happened to her! I need your help!” I utter as soon as I spot him, despair coming out in waves from my body.
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