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Chapter 41 The Original Vampires

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • There is not a single soul in the magical world that did not hear about Morrigan Waldgrave, the Head of the Council.
  • Countless stories about his fucking atrocious acts had spread over the years, he is also the most powerful of the Originals, though nobody knows for sure what his real strength is because nobody lived to tell.
  • Since we entered the courtroom, my beast part feels dormant or this is how I explain the fact that I cannot communicate with Maddox. Not even mind links are working, I tried to mind link my father when we set foot in this place to assure him that I’m fine as he looked so worried, but the connection didn’t go through.
  • So if something horrible happens, I can’t even shape-shift to defend the people I love.
  • In fact, nobody will be able to use their powers, not even Allaya’s father.
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