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Chapter 10 Remembrance

  • ~~~ Allaya ~~~
  • As I entered the house earlier, after the event with that massive beast, I reached to a conclusion, not to ponder on that incident again. I would have doubted my own senses, if not for Landon, that witnessed everything.
  • Anyway, I’ll place it in a corner of my mind along with my nightmares, it won’t do me any good to speculate about it, and it certainly won’t bring me any answers. It’s better to prepare for the party, seeing Hayden with his girlfriend, that’s a real challenge.
  • I am prepared for the battle ahead, my outfit is my armor, I analyze my figure from every angle possible, doing pirouettes and all kinds of dance moves. My lips form into a satisfying smirk, the dress my parents got me looks stunning on my body.
  • My weapon is my make-up and unlike any other day, I used a ton of it. This shade of black that I’ve never applied before literally hides my age, I’m totally gorgeous, I look years older.
  • My smile fades away rather quickly for this is not who I am. I realize that I cannot find a trace of me in this image, I need to find some makeup remover to go back to my old self.
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