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Chapter 42 Her Blood

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • “You can’t do this! I will never allow it!” I snapped, my voice of life-threatening tone.
  • The devil’s eyes darkened a shade, his fierce glare mirroring the wrath within.
  • Rage is pumping in my bones as I hear the fucking piece of shit speaking about my mate as if she were a worthless object with no feelings or identity, something he can take and have at his own craving.
  • As long as my heart is beating in my chest and I still have blood in my veins, no one will ever lay a finger on her, fucking no one, I will protect her at any cost.
  • Even if I cannot fucking shape-shift in this enchanted room, I’ve trained all my life, I can still fight this monster without letting my wolf take the lead.
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