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Chapter 37 Mystifying Force

  • ~~~ Allaya ~~~
  • My hands are shaking compulsively the moment I lift the photo, my heart tightens for reasons I cannot grasp, it just hurts, it hurts so so badly. Tears are rolling down my cheeks from my watery eyes, why am I crying?
  • I wipe them away, I should leave this place, I should not spend a minute longer here. They are probably looking for me, God knows what will occur if they find that room empty.
  • I open the door to flee but not before scanning this lovely place for one last time.
  • There is another thing that catches my eyes, there is a necklace, one of a kind or so I suppose for the design is really special. White gold with a charm made of small diamonds, polished and cut to match perfection, the letter ‘A’ is engraved on it.
  • It’s like that object is calling out to me, I’m drawn to it. Without even realizing, I pick it up gently and what happens next is making my pulse accelerate. The piece of jewelry displays an ethereal glow so bright that it blinds me briefly, just before I feel compelled by a mystifying force to place it around my neck, an unnatural force to which I surrender.
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