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Chapter 52 Great Powers And Responsibilities

  • ~~~ Allaya ~~~
  • In the blink of an eye, Gabriel is standing in front of us, and all the vampires are drawing a few meters back, while I try to evaluate the situation.
  • I might be mistaken, but I spot a sort of pride oozing out of him. Is he content that he attacked us? This is some twisted shit, and watching Hayden on the ground, his precious blood scattered all over the place, only increases my anger. 
  • “I suspected it. But now when I watch you like this, my dear Allaya, I must mention that my sister Aria would be so proud of you! You hold a great amount of power, which is why you should be careful. With great power always comes great responsibility.”
  • Okay… not what I expected. And why do I feel like there is hidden meaning behind his words?
  • “A snow white wolf with purple eyes is rare. In fact, there are written records of such a beast, but nobody really saw one. You are the first, darling, and I’m sorry I had to resort to such wicked measures to drive you to shape-shift.”
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