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Chapter 40 Doomed

  • ~~~ Xander ~~~
  • It seemed like an eternity passed, but they were finally brought to the courtroom where we were waiting.
  • I keep my eyes on my daughter, she looks different, something has changed. It’s not just something physical, though her stance displays a new found self-confidence and her eyes are flashing a rather unique type of shine, it’s the abnormal powerful energy that comes in waves from her, blocking me from reading if the spell my sister Faith placed on her when she was born is still solid.
  • Tomorrow is Allaya’s birthday and the spell is bound to break anyway, but it’s crucial to escape unharmed today. My powers are weakened in the Council’s territories so getting out of this place in one piece is a tricky challenge.
  • “The accused are to take their designated seats.” Morrigan’s overflowing with power voice thundered all four corners of the room, making our children flinch in consternation, before obeying his order.
  • He took his seat in the judge’s stall. The room is pretty similar to a normal courtroom, there is a witness box which at the moment is empty, a bench opposite from the judge seat, where Allaya, Hayden and Landon are standing and the spectator area, where me, Alpha Justin and Alpha Austin are seated.
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