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Chapter 11 Happy Birthday

  • ~~~ Hayden ~~~
  • The party finally started, which means that she’ll be here too. I’ve aged fucking decades while waiting impatiently to see her all day long. I knew she was fine as I’ve sent Liam, my trusted beta, to check up on her, but I had to confirm it with my own eyes.
  • My heart is throbbing in anticipation, I’ve sensed her enticing flagrance already, and it kills me inside that I cannot leave the ballroom for I have to greet the guests, I’m their fucking host.
  • It seemed like hours passed from the moment her scent enchanted my nostrils and until she graced us with her presence, looking stunningly beautiful like a walking statue. Her long black dress is seducing my judgment and her loosely braided hair makes me eager to grace her neck with delicious kisses.
  • Yet there is something else that drives my body to stiffen and puts my wolf on high alert, the cut in her dress that displays her right leg almost entirely. The thought of men watching her with lust takes a toll on my feverish body, if they fucking dare to hit on her, I will disregard the aftermath and make them pay.
  • No, I have to pull myself together, a few more minutes and I’ll be able to talk to her and take her to dance. I’ll feel her thin figure trembling in my arms again, and I’ll be complete again, soothing my raging wolf.
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