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Chapter 21 Creep Alert

  • That morning I wasn't feeling it, my body was a bit feverish. I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. Moments later I went to Milo's room to let him out and explore the house, while I clean his litter spot.
  • I was making our coffee when I feel him behind me. His arms circled my waist, while he kissed the back of my neck lovingly.
  • "Morning baby you smell so good..." he inhaled my neck while trailing his sexy kisses, and letting his hand roamed from my waist to my belly, to just under my boobs. 
  • "Morning Walt..." I moaned my morning greeting, I could feel him smiling on my neck.
  • "...I have my period today," I said to him, making him groaned. I giggled at his reaction.
  • "That's not what I'm implying when I told you that." 
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