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Chapter 22 Taken

  • Gabby was talking in the back room with Ralph, I was waiting for Walt when the front door was knocked. I could see from the glass door that it was John, the creepy guy. I was battling myself whether I should open the door or not.
  • But he already saw me, so I decided to go near the door and try to listen but keeping it closed, I was going to pretend that I didn't have the key to open the door.
  • "Miss, would you mind helping me, I seem to have left my phone inside?" He asked politely, but there was something off about him.
  • I signaled him to wait and told him that I would search for it but keeping him out at the same time. I figured I was going to let Ralph deal with him when I find his phone.
  • But the minute I turned my back on him, he somehow got inside and pulled me roughly to him. His hand was tight on my waist, while his other one was keeping my mouth shut. I was struggling but failed the instance his skin touched mine.
  • That was when I saw Marie struggling in his hands, all the cruelty that he had done to her, how he had beaten her to death, how he dragged her lifeless body to her shallow grave. I was sobbing in no time, my heart ached for her, I was panicking as he dragged me out and into his car.
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