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Chapter 24 Back at His

  • Arkael, my guardian had shielded me and gave me strength. All this time I never knew that he was there for me, that he was guarding me. We communicate in silence as he engulfed me in his dark aura, in his darkness.
  • I communicated with him and asked him about the old woman who wanted me to go with her, to cross to the other side, saying that Arkael was his son. He chuckled to my silent words, I couldn't believe that I heard him chuckle in my head. My darkest fear, the one entity that I feared the most chuckled at my words. Deep, dark chuckle making my insides warm and safe. I looked at him and smile. 
  • Minutes later I felt Arkael groan as the ground shook under me. He was angry, then I heard my name was called. My heart fluttered to his voice, Arkael must've felt it, as he reluctantly loosening his embrace over my body.
  • "Walter..." my voice was croaked as I call out to him. I couldn't believe that he was here, that he had found me. 
  • "Walt...I'm so sorry..." I told him and kept on saying that I was sorry for making him worried, I truly did, knowing that he had been through a lot in the past. Knowing that he must've been losing his mind for the last couple of hours.
  • Then I nodded to Arkael, telling him that I thanked him and that I would be okay, now that Walter had found me. He didn't look pleased but he nodded back at me, and move back into his darkness, and then faded away, and moments later he was gone.
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