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Chapter 12 Finding Her

  • "Are you sure she's safe Walt? Your story kind of making me worried."
  • "I'll be fine Gabby, I trust him," I told her as I looked at Walter. He smiled at me and nudged me to sit next to him.
  • The room was set, the lights were turned off, the candles were lit.
  • "Flo, you need to listen to me, I'm keeping the circle small so I can get better control of the situation. Ralph, are you good with this? I need you to be on your best game, Florence is a bit different from all of us, this will be the first time for you. Gabby, I need you to keep concentrating on the circle when Marie is here, I need you to help me keep her in. Ralph, I need you to back us up, use your energy when she's fighting ours."
  • Suddenly everyone turned very serious, even Ralph. I was getting worried, but Walt squeezed my hand, silently telling me that everything would be just fine.
  • Minutes later all of us were silent, Walt had started opening the communication portal. The four of us were all sitting in a circle, holding each other's hands. We were closing our eyes, concentrating on our surroundings. Then I felt the sudden drop in temperature. I was trying to stay calm but then I felt her hair on my shoulder. She was behind me, her fingers caressed my cheek.
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