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Chapter 13 The Vision

  • "Seriously Walter, I'm good. You don't have to cater to my every need."
  • This has been going on, since the situation with Marie yesterday evening. I was getting annoyed with his over caring, overprotective attitude.
  • "Okay, I'm doing it again aren't I? sorry Flo, should've listened to me. I told you about me, I'm cursed, everybody I ever care about died on me, now you're in a fucking danger because of me. If I didn't bring you to the clinic you will be just fine. Your life won't be in danger." He told me as he paced back and forth in the living room.
  • And now it's his insecurities.
  • That is IT!
  • "Do you want me to GO? You know what? you're RIGHT...I would be just fine without you. I wouldn't be SOLD off by my own father and almost raped by his poker buddy, I wouldn't be used for money by mother, I would've lived just fucking happily ever after WITHOUT you Walt!"
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