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Chapter 5 Being Watched

  • He was warm and enlightening at the same time. I didn't know how to better explained his energy. It flowed throughout my body, as he slowly hovered his palm above mine.
  • I was feeling better, by the time Maggie came back with the glass of water. She was looking in a bit of a hurry when she says. "Dr. Hayes, do you mind escorting Florence back to her room? the other nurses needed my assistance for the patient who had just attacked her."
  • "Alright, Maggie... come on Florence." I took his hand without hesitation, I didn't know how but I felt the other side of him after his transfer of energy. His happy side, his playful side, it made me confident in taking his hand in mine.
  • He was a bit startled, but I just shrugged and let him guide me back to my room. "Thank you, Walter, so...will you let me out of the hospital tomorrow? I don't like staying here. There's too many of them. I don't get why you work in a hospital anyway." I asked him when I get back to my bed, I winced a bit as I tried getting up on the bed. My stomach was still heavily bruised from being assaulted the other night.
  • "Here, let me...there you go." He easily picked me up onto the bed. His hand was still on my thighs and my back. Our faces were inches from each other, I could feel him breathing above me. My hand was still hanging on to his shirt, while my other one was feeling his hard chest. Then I looked up at him, while his eyes were looking down at mine.
  • I didn't know where I had the courage from. I had been living a sheltered life, throughout my whole life. I've never even kissed a boy, let alone a man. But there I was, confidently pulling down his neck and took his scruffy jaw and kissed his lips.
  • The feeling ignited spontaneously, and he kissed me back and groaned as he expertly slid his tongue in my mouth. His other hand caressed my thigh, then he abruptly let me go.
  • "Damn...Flo, we can't. You're my patient. I'll see you tomorrow for our last assessment. I'll be letting you out of this hospital once you secured a place at the shelter." He cupped my cheek, and kissed my temple, and told me to rest.
  • I blushed, as I just found out that he was the one for me. I didn't know how, but I just knew. It was like I had tasted him before, his touch, his kiss, his caresses. It was like I have kissed him millions of times already. I even know how he sounded and looked like when he climaxed, and I was a fucking virgin.
  • I just nodded to his words as he said his goodbye. I would definitely moan my answers should I vocalize it. He leaves me alone in the room, I was grinning so wide like a maniac.
  • Maggie came back to my room two hours later with the women from the shelter, we talked and they basically told me that they have a room available for me. I just need to fill out some forms. I was tanking them repeatedly. Time flies when we talked some more. They said they were glad to find out that I was okay, and told me that I was being awaited at my new place tomorrow.
  • It was already dark when they leave my room. Suddenly the temperature dropped and I could see my breath. The bed was too high for me to get down in a hurry, I was slowly trying to get out of my room. I needed to go to the nurses' station, I needed more people around me. But then I fell down from my bed. I was groaning in pain, but I didn't want to see what was under my bed. I could already smell it, I could already hear the scrapping sound of its long nails.
  • I was crying and whimpering, as it crawled its way towards me. Then I let out a scream when its nails dug into my flesh. Then within seconds, it was gone just like that, as the nurses burst into my room. They were horrified when they saw my scratched calf and thigh. Maggie was there then gone the next moment, then she hurriedly came back with Walter minutes later.
  • I was back on my bed, my wounds were tended already. I was sedated because of my shocked state, but I could feel him beside my bed as he talked to Maggie.
  • "Walter, please stay with me." My voice was weak and sleepy.
  • "It's okay Maggie, I got her. You can go home, it's passed your shift already."
  • "I'll see you both tomorrow then, please take care of her. She didn't deserve all of this, she's such a sweet young woman."
  • Then I feel her touched my arm, her sadness engulfed me, but then it was gone seconds later when Walter knowingly touched that same arm and erased the sadness away.
  • "Thank you, baby..." I blurted out my words as I drifted off to sleep.
  • "Sshh...just sleep it off. You'll be good by morning. I'll stay right here and mind the others for you." He sat on the chair next to my bed and kept on holding my hand. That night I never sleep so soundly my in life before.
  • The next morning, he was already gone when I woke up. Maggie was by my side. "Florence darling, how are you feeling today?"
  • "I'm better Maggie, but I need to get out of the hospital, last night it hurt me." I was saying my words, while she was looking at me and trying to understand me.
  • Up to that day, I didn't know what my parents put in the house, but whatever it was it had kept them away from me. I must definitely find out more about it.
  • "I still couldn't wrap my head around this whole thing, Dr. Hayes tried to explain it to me last night. But it still sounded so surreal. Anyway, he asked me to take you to his office once you're done with your breakfast." She said to me, while I was slowly enjoying my breakfast with her company. But her last words had just made me speed up my eating and obviously made her laugh.
  • "He is a catch, isn't he? He had turned down more nurses and doctors than anyone who has been working here. Maybe you're the lucky one." She smiled happily at me.
  • "I am Maggie." I winked at her, she was laughing at me. But then she was quiet seconds later, remembering when I was telling the cops that I was a clairvoyant.
  • "You mean, you actually....him and you? My god...child, I truly think both of you deserve each other."
  • Then she was back to her sadness, her vibe definitely echoes throughout the room, making me suddenly rest my back.
  • "This is because of what happened to him isn't? Maggie, could you please think happy thoughts I'm still recuperating. I still need to gather my strength to block off negative energy."
  • "Oh! I'm so sorry, come on let us just get you to Dr. Hayes."
  • And with her words I was back to my smiling state, making her laugh and her happiness spreads throughout her surrounding.