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Chapter 9 Being Let Go

  • The session was about to end, I was looking for Walter. But he hadn't come back since he left the meeting half an hour ago.
  • "Hey, so...some of us is going for a coffee after this. You want to come?" Ralph asked me, he had been flirting with me since Walt seated me next to him. I was getting a bit uncomfortable around him.
  • "Mm...I was actually looking for Walter. Do you know where he might be?" I asked while I was looking for him.
  • "Walt? he's probably in his back office. Just go down the hall it's the last room on the right. Oh, you might want to brace yourself with the lady in white, she likes to lurk from the ladies' room. She usually shows herself to newbies." Ralph told me in a hurry as he quickly joined the others when they dismissed themselves after the session ended.
  • Suddenly the room got very quiet, and then I could hear the scratching sound from above.
  • Goddamn it.
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