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Chapter 20 Feeling You

  • "You know I can feel you right? Though you're keeping it locked up in you... all your worries, your sadness, your inhibition I can feel them all?" I was holding his hand, while he was sipping coffee after our breakfast in a small coffee shop across the clinic.
  • "I know baby...I'm sorry. I just need...damn I don't even know what I need. Look, I'm going to the gym after work, maybe I need to let out some steam. I haven't been there in a while. I'll pick you up from the clinic at four, then I'll go straight to the gym." He finally laid out his plan, I was worried that he kept on revolving his plans around me.
  • "Yes, I think you should do that, I already told you that I don't want to be a burden...yes, I know that you don't think that I'm a burden..." I silenced his words as he was about to object.
  • "But I need you to be happy, being with me is not about worrying all the things that could happen to me all the time baby...I love you, you should know that. And as you've said before, I'm safe at home...I have Milo to accompany me while you're at the gym later." I smiled at him finally feeling a bit more confident about him.
  • "So you're okay with going back to the clinic?"
  • "I'll do that for the time being, just to fill my time. I think it's the best option for now." I smiled at him and entwined my fingers with his.
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