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Chapter 27 The Daddy in Him

  • We finally arrived at the house after our quick stop at the grocery store. Then Walter was taking care of Milo, while I was making our very late lunch. But after our meeting with Shani, I was not that hungry. My hands were working on their own, as my mind was busy elsewhere.
  • I kept on thinking that there was something, that Shani was keeping from me, from us. Will Arkael brings us danger?  
  • My thoughts were still on our previous encounter with Arkael when Milo was whining for my attention. My worries quickly went to the back of my mind, as I picked him up and cradled him. Then Walt was pushing me away from my cooking.
  • "Go, play with him, let me finish this up for you." He caressed my ass, while he pushes me to the living area with Milo in my hands.
  • "Come, Milo, we have been banned from the kitchen, let daddy take care of us while we play okay?" I talked to Milo while hearing him threatening me from the kitchen for using the daddy nickname. I was smiling to myself while I walk to the living room and took a seat while playing with Milo, as we wait for Walt to finish cooking.
  • Milo was napping when Walter finally finishes setting up the table for our lunch. We eat while talking about Shani, I was telling him about my concerns. But he brushes it off as he got up and start making our coffee. I shrugged and pick up our plates and start washing the dishes, then I joined Milo and cuddle with him on the sofa.
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