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Chapter 57 Nothing

  • ==Matteo==
  • Was it…was it possible to turn the hands of the clock and go back in time? Was it possible to get to bed, only to wake up the next minute and find yourself in another dimension, or perhaps, an alternate universe. It was times like this that fuelled my hatred for SciFi, and movies/fiction in general. 'Cause right now, I was as eager as a five year old who innocently looked forward to having the utopia borne in movies come to life. I was as eager as the kid on Christmas eve, whose parents heaped up boxes around the tree. I was eager. Eager to escape this godawful present. I could give anything to have that happen. 
  • My sleep-deprived eyes shut tightly, conjuring up a throbbing headache at my left temple. As I opened them, the calendar met my gaze. June 12. June the fucking twelfth. The day Hell boiled, totally enraged that their very own had been taken away from them to be dumped on an innocent couple. Or perhaps, it was the day Hell sighed that long-held sigh, because one nuisance had been exiled, but then, at the expense of two innocent persons. 
  • Could someone tell me why such a day ever came to being? I thought. Right, there was no answer to that. Even my other half...whole who would have been in the right position to give an answer to the question had gone on a sabbatical. It was just me and me alone.  
  • I was 24. Twenty four years of misery, and possibly still counting. I couldn't understand, couldn't explain why all these were happening. I mean, after all these years?
  • "The evil that men do live after them, you know."
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