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Chapter 51 Can't let you go

  • ==Matteo==
  • Something tickled me and I stirred, absentmindedly smacking where the sensation had been felt. I made to go back to sleep but my eyes accidentally slipped open. Light hit me square in the face. I squinted, grumbling as I turned my head the other way. I bat my eyes slowly, soon coming to realise that I was…outdoors. I peeled myself from the floor, spotting the dense vegetation around. Birds chirped—celebrating the dawn of a new day.
  • I got a sting on my back and as I smacked that region, my eyes widened. I drove my gaze downwards and groaned. Fuck. 
  • I was naked. Out in the open. Fuck, where am I? I looked around me, trying to see if I could spot anything of familiarity. I couldn't. Sunlight hadn't fully risen, so everywhere was still pretty much...foggy.. I groaned, sitting upright to begin the process of recollection. I had morphed, no doubt. Okay, that. What else? I had morphed and… Wait, why had I morphed? This was something I didn't do on the night of the fool moon. My ritual was to endure hours of pain and wake up lying on my bed or tub, or anywhere within the confines of my room. Not here in the woods. What's this? I couldn't for the life of me recall what had transpired the night before. And it sucked. Big time.
  • I rose from the ground, and searched around for some leaves or anything at all I could use to cover myself. I didn't find—none that was wearable. It appeared that it'd rained yesterday. Reason why the ground was all wet with  insects crawling around. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! What was going on. Why in fucks name had I morphed? Why? 
  • I couldn't deal with this anymore. This episodes of memory loss. Couldn't deal. I turned around, darting my eyes about. I didn't know my way out. And to think I was in middle of nowhere naked… Fuck. I groaned. I was now getting tired of cussing, but then, could I help it? Oh boy, I would so deal with those clowns I called workers. I would so deal with them, they'd be lucky if they were able to tell the story. 
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