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Chapter 49 The big bad wolf

  • ==Matteo==
  • I laid stiff like a corpse, staring blankly. Then, her cry reached my ears. I widened my eyes. 
  • The cry. It reflected pain, hurt, distress. Fuck. I thought of raising, but then, I knew better. So. I closed my eyes, trying to stay focused in order to pinpoint the issue. A surge of energy flooded into my head, and her emotions reached me. I could feel it all: the fright in her voice, her pulsating heart, the dryness around the throat, the sweat. I could sense her perplexity. Olivia… My Olivia is in trouble. She was in trouble and here was I, struggling with this thing that emasculated me.
  • I tried all I could to get up, but my strength had faded. 
  • The window was far away, at the other end of the room. Meaning that I had to walk—crawl several inches before I could reach there and get the moonlight to hit me. Ah fuck. I groaned. Shutting my eyes, I gathered courage. This was gonna hurt. A hell lot. 
  • I pushed forward with my belly, disturbing my tensed muscles. A groan came out of me. Gotta get a little… Her scream came again. Blood curdling was it. And so, a deep frown found its way to my face. I pushed myself forward, biting back the pain. Olivia's fright was a taste on my tongue. I didn't believe in fear. I didn't associate myself with that feeling. Hence, I wouldn't start now to assimilate it. I had to get her out of whatever terrible situation she was in now.
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