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Chapter 23 I want you

  • ==Olivia==
  • Shit. What did I just do? What? Oh my God. I hastened my pace to the backdoor. I gotta get out. Anywhere. I expected that Matteo would yell out to his servants. He then would instruct them to drag my butt to his room. Heaven only knew what would become of me.
  • I eventually made it to the backdoor, having my fingers crossed that the door was unlocked. Luckily, it was. I sighed. Okay, okay, good. In one swift move, I pulled the door open. The rain charged at me. I yelped. It was cold. I gulped, taking my eyes back inside. Should I or should I not head out. I thought about all the horrible things Matteo could do to me, but couldn’t come up with anything. That terrified me.
  • This meant only one thing. Head the hell out!
  • I bottled my fright and stepped outside. It wasn’t just an ordinary rain. This was a storm. The wind blew fiercely, swaying the rain drops here and there. My dress rose with the wind, but I didn’t bother to keep it from flying. I didn’t care anymore. It didn’t matter. Matteo saw me as a slut, I might as well let the wind do its thing.
  • I dived into the rain, biting down on my lips. It was quite blurry here, but I wasn’t going to give up. Chances were that all the servants were in the building or in their respective quarters. No one would see me leave here. And so, I braced up and continued walking.
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